Why do people of both sexes need testosterone

24.09.2023, 14:21


Many believe that its excess increases libido. But in fact, the opposite is true: its abnormally high levels lead to impotence. It is often said that it harms women, but they need it no less than men.

Is the main male sex hormone. Despite this, women have it in smaller quantities and they also need it. In both sexes, it regulates sexual desire, endocrine processes on which the growth of muscles and bones depends, and also affects mood. Production in men peaks during puberty and reaches a maximum by age 17, and after age 40 its levels begin to slowly decline.

Begins to be produced in children of both sexes already in the womb. During puberty, its production is at its maximum.

Why do older men need it?

In adult men, testosterone mix regulates libido, bone and muscle mass, and the amount of hair on the face and body. The production of blood cells and sperm depends on it. It also affects bone density—male osteoporosis is sometimes treated with drugs based on it.

It is generally accepted that determines the level of sexual activity in men. But everything is a little more complicated: its deficiency definitely leads to a decrease in libido and erection quality. However, problems with erection are possible even with normal levels of the hormone. In this case, only a decrease in the amount of the hormone by 70–80% of the norm can lead to sexual dysfunction. In addition, it is known that a pathological excess also impairs libido and harms the health of the genital organs.

The effect on cognitive function remains questionable. Recent research shows that this hormone influences them, but does not determine them. A drop in testosterone levels may be accompanied by deterioration in thinking and memory.

For men over 18 years of age, the threshold value is 12.1 nmol/l. If your testosterone level is between 8 and 12, you should be wary.

“A persistent value of less than 8 nmol/l means the need to prescribe testosterone drugs. This is the only way to increase his concentration, explains Anna Levchina. — This is done only under the supervision of a doctor and only after an examination. If testosterone is from 8 to 12 nmol/l, then this may be an indication for replacement therapy, depending on the symptoms. Again, the supervision and support of a doctor is necessary.

Testosterone levels in themselves are not evidence of a particular disease, so only a doctor can correctly interpret the results.

What and how to increase

Testosterone levels depend little on our efforts. In a healthy person who eats rationally, it is determined mainly by genetics and age. But over the years it begins to fall for almost everyone.

There is no one proven way to avoid age-related testosterone deficiency. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the only way to prevent testosterone deficiency. Here are the methods that will help maintain its level.

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